We Are A New York Private Investigator                      "We Work For You!"

We are a reliable New York Private Investigator with over 20 years of experience as a Private Investigator in New York.  We serve the New York City and Westchester County area. 

"Our Beat Is The Street!"  Our investigations are conducted live, in real time by an experienced New York Private Investigator.  A trainee will never be assigned to work on your case.

Vetted & Approved Court Appointed Investigator by the City Of New York Assigned Counsel Plan.

Licensed by New York State Department Of State.

Discreet & Confidential Investigations.

Reasonable Rates.

To speak with an Investigator call (914) 224-5640.



* Criminal & Civil  Matters *   * Personal & Business Matters *  * Background Checks *   *  Missing Persons & Runaways *  *Witnesses Located *  

 * Interviews *    *Statements*  * Photographs* * Video*   * Surveillance*   * Tailing *  * Decoys *  * Plain Clothed Investigators *  * Unmarked Cars* 



* Persons depicted in the above photograph are not associated with or employed by this service.

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